The Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show provides an online trade event designed to engage, inspire, and educate the Canadian promotional and imprintable products industry, during this time when traditional in-person trade gatherings are not possible.

Having enjoyed a hugely successful two-day Fall event in September, the Virtual Show provides the resources and tools needed for our industry’s businesses to flourish despite the restrictions brought on by the pandemic.


The Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show returns for a special one-day Pop-Up event Wednesday December 2, allowing attendees to conveniently take advantage of 2020 close-outs from leading suppliers and to preview new introductions for 2021.

To kick-off 2021, a full-scale Virtual Trade Show will be held Wednesday January 6 and Thursday January 7, showcasing full collections available from suppliers, and will feature enhanced networking capabilities for all delegates to best proceed in the new year with tremendous offerings and great connections, along with elevated knowledge and expertise.

Registration is free and simple: Just click Sign Up at the top of this page to register. If you have already registered for the Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show, your previous registration is automatically processed for our upcoming events.