The Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show provides an online trade event designed to engage, inspire, and educate the Canadian promotional and imprintable products industry, during this time when traditional in-person Imprint Canada Shows are not possible.

The Virtual Show provides the resources and tools needed for our industry’s businesses to flourish despite the restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

Our next event takes place Tuesday March 23, showcasing full collections available from suppliers, and will feature enhanced networking capabilities for all delegates to best proceed in the  new year with tremendous offerings and great connections, along with elevated knowledge and expertise.


Below is what just a few attendees of the Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show had to say about their experience:

“The virtual show is a great alternative for the situation we're in. Highly informative! I love having everything at my fingertips!”

Diana Ngo, Flagworks

“I really liked the experience, it allowed me in this different period to see the new products on the market that will help me with my sales in 2021!”

Mario Desrochers, Promopop Articles Promotionnels

“This was a wonderful show to kick off the year and see what is new with our key vendors in Canada! One of the training seminars was very good and I have already used what I learned in sales meetings.”

Karen Skirten, MOBO Promotional Products

“The Imprint Canada Virtual show replaced the live, in-person show in the best way possible. I will be at the next one, guaranteed!”

George Bowditch, Bowditch Promotions

“I was able to visit every single booth, comfortably and at my own pace. I found quite a few new products and graphics to use on our social media.”

Ashleigh Eldridge, Needham Promotions Inc.

“The Imprint Canada Show has always been a go-to event for me. I learn a lot from watching the demonstrations and seeing all the new products.”

Andrew Mysyk, Springbrook Mfg.

“Under today's circumstances, it’s an uphill battle to bring us the same experience as being at the show in person. This virtual experience did just that!”

Brian Kinrade, Redneck Wear

“The Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show is where you should be if you’re in the promotional business! All the new trends and opportunities will be found as well as new contacts. We never miss it!”

Linda Sergenese, Forever In Stitches

“The Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show is the best place to find top notch suppliers to help you make your business a success!”

Kimberly Middaugh, Middy Embroidery

“The Imprint Canada Shows helped me start my business and become successful. Connecting with the different suppliers I could buy products from has really increased my product knowledge for my customers.”

Aaron Melanson, Motiv Custom Apparel

“I admire and appreciate the virtual presentations from suppliers exhibiting awesome new products along with regular favourites.”

Joe DiMaria, Bonzai Sportswear

“It's great to check out so many suppliers from the comfort of the office! Being able to have all staff participate in the online version is great!

L.J. Lawson, SJA Promo

“I always enjoy the Imprint Canada Show as it provides insight to the new trends in the industry. This Show allowed me to see new innovations and keep me abreast of the changes in the industry.”

Jennifer Bell, Jenari Promotional Apparel

“The Imprint Canada Virtual Trade Show is a great way to be able to still ‘visit’ with suppliers even during lockdown! Business has to continue and the virtual show allows that.”

Lisa Lascelles, Marchant’s

“Whether you have been a distributor for many years or are new to the promotional industry, attending the Imprint Canada virtual shows provides creative ideas to bring back to customers.”

Linda Lee, Promotional Solutions Just For You

“The show was very instructive, from talking to reps to seeing new products.”

Seb Gravelle, Artext

“Easy to navigate to different vendors and sign-up was simple. It’s a great alternative (to physical events) during these times.”

Diane Nellist, Diane’s Embroidery

“Keep the virtual shows coming, as they are lifeline for the industry!”

Joe Wilson, Attitudes & Ideas Inc.

““The virtual presentation is appreciated, and the opportunity to stay up-to-date is important.”

Warren Mahony, Neiltree Promotions

“I am a big fan of the effort that Imprint Canada puts in to connect us with our suppliers and see new products.”

Dave Ri, Authentic Graphics

“The virtual format is good for engaging with exhibitors, and is improving each time.”

Tyler Beacom, Beaks Athletics

“In these times of difficulty, making an effort to go beyond the norm gives you hope and ups your confidence to try new methods.”

Rick Guindon, Great North Distributors

“This was a great alternative to see what the suppliers have to offer, without being there in person.”

Kim Roy, Sutherland's

“I love that you can talk live with the suppliers and they can give you a product demo right then and there. I really enjoyed this type of format since we cannot (have physical shows).”

Susan Beauchamp, Chocolat Communications

“With the pandemic among us, this is a great way for distributors to see new products and services, to stay in touch with the latest new (releases).”

Frank Prokator, Tshirt Junction

“This way my first time using the virtual show… definitely worth looking at again!”

Peter Gooderham, Impressions & Promotions

“Virtual shows are the (current reality) and engagement by both parties is critical. Preparedness from both distributors and exhibitors, is crucial to success.”

Franklin Hoffman, Total Creative Alliance Inc.

“The virtual show is so good and has so much information. It gave us lots to look at!”

Yvan Richard, Sublime-Promo ENR

“This is the way for us to keep in tune with industry happenings. I also liked the new exhibitors. Great show!”

Leslie Fox, Trillium Sales Group

“It's a great show!”

Shelley Feldman, Promote Me Inc.

“Great intro to new 2021 products.”

Terry Leonard, Wingate Products

“This was a great alternative during COVID to access a trade. We discovered suppliers that we hadn't been exposed to before.”

Alexandra Morris, Stardom

“The Imprint Canada Launch '21 Virtual Trade Show was greatly beneficial for me. I found a couple of new suppliers that I probably would not have known about, if I hadn’t checked out the show.”

Tod Allen, On Tap – Custom Division

“We’ll definitely be at the next show!”

Anne-Sophie Tobin, Crybaby Annie

“Very well organized. Simple to navigate for a non-tech guy.”

Dennis Brockman, Golden Edge Clothing Co.